1. la littératureThe Age of Uncertainty by John Kenneth Galbraith

    2. Human Action by Ludwig von Mises here for an extra list.

    3. Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis  by Ludwig von Mises

    4. Money, Bank Credit and Economic cycles*** by Jesus Huerto de here for the 1st chapter - 2nd chapter - 3rd chapter - 4th chapter - 5th chapter - 6th chapter - 7th chapter - 8th chapter - 9th chapter - Introduction - preface (check internet for french translation)

    5. Controlling depressions by Paul H. Douglas

    6. The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich here for the pdf version

    7. The distinction between Capitalism and Free Market enterprise by R.G.D. here

    8. The Law by Frederic here to read the Book

    9. The Coming Economic Collapse by Joseph Tainter

    10. Notes on the collapse of complex societies by Joseph here

    11. Monetary Regimes and Inflation: History, Economic and Political Relationships by Peter here

    12. When Money dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse by Adam here

    13. The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb



    1. Symposium March, 2011 - here DOC filepps file

    2. Symposium March 2011 - here DOC file - pps file

    3. Symposium March 2011 - presentation Huerta de here

    4. Symposium March 2011 - James here

    5. Symposium March 2011 - here for the pps file

    6. Gouddossier (Dutch) here for the pps file

    7. Video clips shot before the 2011 here

    8. here for the pdf file

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